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What did I do in March 2024?

What did I do in March 2024

The monthly summary has come to March. There were many good weather days in March, and there were many news about the internet and AI. The podcast was updated twice. There were quite a few life photos, but I didn't post too many photos that exposed my privacy.

3.6 One month of POE membership and good weather#

This month, Claude 3 was released. After I logged in, I found that my account was banned, so I purchased the POE membership for the third time. I had previously purchased it during the popularity of gpt/gpt4. I paid $20 for one month of various AI usage permissions. Credit card payment is allowed for mainland Chinese users by default.

AI was a hot topic this month. Claude 3 and the previous Google Bard (now renamed Gemini) performed better than gpt3.5 in many aspects, even better than gpt4.

The significance of technology equality lies in allowing more people to use AI and enjoy the progress brought by technology.


Spring has arrived in Beijing. As long as there is a strong wind, the weather will be sunny! I took a photo of the good weather on the way to lunch. I took many photos of the sky continuously, and it can be seen that the weather in Beijing has been good recently.

3.8 RollDown open source#


The RollDown - Rust version of Rollup, which has been promoted for a long time, has been officially open sourced. I checked the commit content and the number of contributors.

It is a good thing that there are new front-end tools joining the competition.

Still about AI, I can't remember when I first saw this website.

Recently, many people have been using AI to create information gaps and transfer knowledge. It is good for more people to learn to use specific AI tools and develop the habit and concept of taming and using AI. Currently, it seems that the old path of filtering content is still being taken. The website in the picture uses Feishu's documents for knowledge sharing, and it seems to have a certain range of breaking the circle.

There are always areas of information explosion. Previously, in web technologies such as front-end and cloud-native, there was a big explosion of new frameworks, tools, and methods. Many people did weekly summaries, abstracts, and second-hand consumption. Now, AI is exploding widely. If you want to be an information platform and expose traffic, the platform and tools themselves need a reasonable distribution mechanism. The information flow should have a filtering mechanism based on information weight. I want to elaborate on this point.


3.11 Podcast recommendation seen on Moments#


I forgot who the screenshot came from, but the general idea is to recommend this podcast. It says that a group of girls have been doing this podcast since college and are still doing it now at the age of 30. They have experienced studying, dating, and working, and the screenshot shows that they are now facing new life troubles.

I listened to it later. It is a niche podcast that can only be found on Ximalaya. The address is https://xima.tv/1_CGBwyf?_sonic=0. It doesn't matter if you don't listen, but it gave me some extra feelings.

The first episode started in 2016 and has been going on for more than a hundred episodes. It is a companion-style podcast, with light and frequent conversations, and can be listened to as background music.

Series of outputs have value, giving a sense of companionship in growth.

3.11 Withdrawing cash#

Hahaha, I have always wanted to experience this before, and I finally did it. It happened to be an opportunity for turnover, so I went to the ATM and withdrew tens of thousands of cash.

I counted it several times and carefully wrapped it, and put it under the pillow. It feels good! Then I deposited it back into the bank.

I won't post the picture, but I had a lot of money in my hand.

3.12 Downie-like download tool#

Still about technology consulting, I won't post the picture. Downie is a paid video download tool on Mac. It is said that it has a hidden feature. If it detects that the user may be a pirate user under specific conditions, it will pop up a window saying that it will randomly delete some computer files for pirate users, turning the software into a hacking tool. The nature of the tool has changed.

The tool is still a good tool. I saw some similar download tools recommended on WeChat Official Accounts. Here are the URLs for reference.

Download videos and audios from hundreds of sites
ytDownloader lets you download Videos and Extract Audios of different formats from hundreds of sites including but not limited to Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and so on...

And this one

⚡️ Online Video Downloader
Facebook • Instagram • TikTok • Douyin • Likee • Twitter • Pinterest • Kuaishou (Kwai)

3.14 Podcast update No.48#


This time, I established a podcast link with the host of "Grass Shoes Without a Number". The outline was written in October last year during offline interactions, so it can be considered as fulfilling a long-standing promise.


Another screenshot. I'm not good at geography, and I've never had a 3D perspective in my mind. This video seems very interesting, and I found it on Bilibili. The uploader's name is "人与地球" (People and the Earth) and their space is https://space.bilibili.com/370982805.


3.16 Crazy Saturday#

The first episode of "Crazy Saturday" was held at the Kunlun Nest in Beijing. The name is inspired by "Crazy Thursday" in Hangzhou, but the format is different. I gave a small presentation and shared some basic information about Astro, which happened to be a promotion for my own podcast.


I won't go into more details here. I met many online friends in person and took photos and shook hands in real life. In the evening, I had dinner with Smart from OpenAI and Xiaosun, and we discussed our ideas for organizing listener activities.


3.17 Strolling in the park#


I went to the nearby park. It is obvious that spring has arrived this month, and I saw various green sprouts and new flowers.

3.22 suno.ai is out#

Another screenshot, still about AI. Suno has arrived, and text-to-music has become popular this month. I also tried using the free quota to create some music. It's quite good to turn text into music with different musical styles. I hope to continue exploring and enjoying the fun brought by technology in the future. The host of the "Heading Out to Sea" podcast in Moments has also released an AI music album on NetEase Cloud Music.

Below is a music clip, only 1.5MB in size. I will improve it later, as the part where it reads my WeChat ID is not very good.

3.23 The shock brought by Kimi#

Still a screenshot, still about AI. This time it's about the domestic AI assistant Kimi. During a meal, I mentioned that domestic AI has made great progress and many data sources are from China, which makes the answers more effective.

I casually asked a question and took a screenshot of the answer.


The content is not complete, and you can try it out if you are interested. The shock it brought me is twofold: knowledge information has sources and can be verified. The answers are more organized and natural.

3.24 Sunday happiness#

The weather has been good recently, and on weekends, I continued to explore new things with Zhang Laoshi. Finally, I had the opportunity to try the "Sauce Fragrant Maotai" from Luckin Coffee for the first time.

I won't post the pictures of the outing.

3.25 Official keyboard for Xiaomi tablet#

I have a Xiaomi tablet 5 Pro, which I have been using daily. Recently, I suddenly wanted to describe my thoughts in more scenes, so I went to Xianyu to look for a second-hand Xiaomi tablet keyboard. It was around 160 yuan. The price of the item has indeed come down. The original price was 500 yuan, and this keyboard is not compatible with the 5th and 6th generations.


This keyboard is powered by the Xiaomi tablet's touch screen and does not have its own battery. It can only be used with the tablet, so it is limited to certain scenarios. The typing experience is good, and the magnetic attraction is strong. It can also be used as a stand when not typing.

I actually typed a bit, and it wasn't as comfortable as I imagined. The main reason is that I use it in bed, hahaha. I've been busy recently, so I haven't had a chance to use it. But I'm still interested.

3.26 Layoffs at Feishu that have nothing to do with me#

This is about the gossip of a big company, Feishu. I'm not an employee of a big company, and I don't understand the ins and outs of it, nor do I need to care.

How to make excellent technical products recognized by the market and loved by users is something I need to think about. As a programmer who has been in the industry for a long time, I only focus on the details of technical research and development. I have seen some data saying that there is a large investment in manpower, low market penetration rate, and good user experience, but before the layoffs, this information also existed, and I didn't feel anything about it.

I feel like I have heard too much good news about a product, and there is no incremental information input. I have some information cocooning, which means that if something is good, it is easy to do, without any obstacles. To put forward opposing opinions, in addition to emotional value, good references, improvement suggestions, or similar choices are needed, which is troublesome.

I still attribute it to information cocooning and being lazy to filter information.

3.27 Preparing for offline listener activities#


I used this simple image to spread the word in the listener group, podcast, Moments, and Twitter. It feels strange to spread it in a small range. If I were to do it myself, I might only send it to the listener group and not post it on Moments. It's a big step to have the push from OpenAI's Smart.

3.28 Podcast update No.49#


Podcast update No.49 established a podcast link with the host of "Grass Shoes Without a Number". The outline was written in October last year, and it can be considered as completing a long-standing commitment.

3.28 Second-hand Mac keyboard#


Digital products, I bought another Mac keyboard for 200 yuan on Xianyu, the Mijia keyboard 2. I use one at work and keep one at home for use with my tablet. When I need to type quickly on my tablet, whether it's an iPad or an Android tablet, the compatibility of the Mac keyboard is unbeatable. And with WeChat input method and cloud copy and paste, fast typing is a breeze.

It's been a long time since I used my red and blue switches. It's great to use something that feels comfortable, as it is the top choice in the industry.

3.30 dev.together in Shenzhen#


I listened for a while, but when I heard that there was a recording, I stopped following. I bought a ticket and went to the one in Beijing last year, and this time it was in Shenzhen. The screenshot introduces several books, which can be read when you have time.

It doesn't have to be DevRel (Developer Relations), but it can be used to establish relationships with developers and guide programmers beyond technology. The goal is to achieve technical product promotion, brand building, and commercial service.

3.31 Podcast listener activity#


I went to the event after hot stamping the podcast logo. I'm already familiar with the process.

In the end, 17 people gathered offline, a wonderful fate. One friend had concerns, so I blurred his face.

I am the fourth person from the left in the second row, wearing a white T-shirt and glasses.
The person in the middle wearing a blue denim jacket is Smart, the one on the left is Xiaosun, and the one on the right is Kaiyi.


I won't go into specific feelings for now. After the event, I went to the offline recording studio of Shengpai for the first time. I was a bit nervous and not used to it. I have recorded 50 episodes, but it was my first time doing it offline.


The highlight is that I will talk more about it later.

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